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dough+zgelOffering a unique approach to combat heat, the Gel Dough® + Z Gel pillow integrates two technologies to ensure a cool night of rest. On top of the pillow, a liquid Z Gel layer captures and dissipates body heat. The body consists of unique Gel Dough® memory foam that creates a cooler, softer material and offers an optimal thermal experience. Accompanying the pillow is a luxuriously soft bamboo velour cover, excellent for sensitive skin and temperature regulation.

  • Unique combination for maximum cooling
  • Z Gel captures and distributes heat
  • Gel Dough® formula creates a cooler, softer memory foam
  • Bamboo velour removable cover

Comes in Mid Loft, and High Loft.

Pricing: Standard: $139.99, Queen: $149.99, King: $169.99

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