Sleep Experience

Your Mattress

Let our sleep experts help you find your perfect match, by checking your comfort level, spinal alignment and pressure points and choosing from: Tempur Material~Gel Foam~Hybrids~Latex~Traditional Innerspring.

Your Choice Box or Motion Base

We carry the latest models in Adjustable bases with head and foot up and down and many optional features such as: Bluetooth remote to phone, Head Tilt, Lumbar Support, Massage features, USB Ports, Underneath led lights, and Sleep apps. Bases can simply be used for lifestyle: watching TV, relaxing, working on your laptop or to help relieve health problems such as: Neck or Back Pain • Sciatica • Apnea and Snoring • Acid Reflux • Digestion and Swelling.

Your Pillow

Research shows that your pillow contributes to 25% or more of how well you sleep. Your head should be kept in a neutral alignment. Using our wide variety of materials, heights and firmnesses in Malouf Pillows this can be achieved. An ill fitting pillow can trigger or worsen headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and arm numbness.

Your Protector for Mattress and Pillows

We sell medical grade protectors from Purecare which protects all 5 sides of mattress, is mite tight, treated with silver ions, waterproof, breathable, washable and dryable. Pillows and mattresses can harbor mold, yeast and bacteria along with dust mites, dead skin cells, body fluid and oils, and yes even those food crumbs. Unprotected these factors can contribute to mattress break down, allow stains which void manufacturer warranties and can introduce sickness and allergies. Protected you can wash these things right out of your home.

Your Sheets

Yes your sheets make a difference. Dreamfit Sheets have elastic corners on the fitted sheet to keep them in place and oversized top sheets for plenty of tuck room and pillow cases come in a variety of fabrics: Microfiber, Pima Cotten, Egyptian Cotton, and Cotton Bamboo-all in designer colors! Remember to wash often!

National Sleep Foundation 7 Steps to Help You Fall Asleep

Step 1: Establish routine – go to bed and wake-up at that same time.

Step 2: Exercise – 20-30 minutes daily at least 3 hours before bedtime.

Step 3: Don’t nap.

Step 4: Watch what you put in your body.

Step 5: Create a sleeping environment – mattress, pillow, comfortable bedding, clutter free, temperature 68 or 69, room quiet and dark.

Step 6: Give yourself time to fall asleep.

Step 7: Call a professional if needed.

Average sleep time needed for adults 7-8 Hours.